Amsterdam Tattoo Convention, Part Two

Each year, the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention offers a feast for the eyes and the chance to get tattooed by some of the best artists in the world, in all types of styles. Last week we posted part one of coverage of the 2012 expo, with photos by Vivian Wenli Lin. Here’s part two, with more fantastic photos of the electric atmosphere of art, artists and tattooed fans that you can be a part of at this year’s expo, May 30 – June 1, 2014!
Photography by Mike Bloem

Early in the day, you can see the big pieces just getting started. Here’s Joy from Low Voltage Ink (Joure, NL) starting a backpiece:


Backpiece in progress by Joy from Low Voltage Ink (NL)

This amazing corset backpiece and the peacock below were both inked by Lexi Rex from Lo and Behold Tattoo in Olympia, Washington. The backpiece was an entry in the Best Color Tattoo competition.


Corset backpiece tattoo by Lexi Rex of Lo and Behold Tattoo in Olympia, Washington


Another piece by Lexi Rex still in progress

This guy was proud to show off his black and grey work done by Carlos Rojas:


Black and grey tattoos by Carlos Rojas

Beer (shown at work below), of Inked By Beer, has recently opened a new shop called Beer & Jonny’s in Hillegom, NL. They have a pretty cool website, don’t miss the tattoo galleries!


Beer from Inked by Beer Tattoo (NL) at work

This beautiful backpiece by Gerrit Termaat of Tattoo Mania (NL) was another entry in the Best Color Tattoo competition. Gerrit is known for both bright color work and realistic black and grey portraits.


Backpiece by Gerrit Termaat of Tattoo Mania (NL)

Here’s Carina from Bodyscript Tattoo (Stolberg, Germany), concentrating on an outline.


Carina from Bodyscript Tattoo (Germany) at work

Heather Maranda of Sparx Worx Tattoo (Casper, Wyoming) getting started on a color portrait:


Heather Maranda starting a color portrait tattoo

These two swan tattoos by Maxine from The Preacher’s Son tattoo studio (Amsterdam) come together beautifully! This fan of Maxine’s already had a few pieces inked by her and got another one done at the show.


Two-part swan tattoos by Maxine from The Preacher’s Son

Swan tattoos by Maxine Vogt

Maxine tattooing another pretty piece

Some more entries for the Best Color Tattoo competition:


Portrait entries in Best Color Tattoo category


Entries in Best Color Tattoo category


More entries for Best Color Tattoo category


This guy dazzled the judges with his full-body ink


Full body tattoo detail


Full body entry for Best Color Tattoo

…and the winner for Best Color Tattoo: Proki of Proki Tattoo in Athens Greece! The chihuahua color portrait tattoo on Maris’ arm is the piece that won.


Proki of Proki Tattoo (Athens) won for Best Color Tattoo

All types of art were on display everywhere you looked, and the aisles were filled with tattooed fans who take great portraits!


At the Bryan Sigarlaki Graffitistijl booth


The Pixel Tattoo (Italy) booth


Tattoo EUS (Leiden, NL)


Croc Tatau, Cook Islands

Some of the beautiful people at the 2012 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention:


At the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention



Voodoo-Tattoo-Mag-Mike_Bloem_21See you at this year’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention!
–Miss Psychobilly Bass