Cult 13: A Friday Night Out in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

If you want to hang out at an “alternative” gig on a weekend in Southend-on-Sea (Essex, UK), there aren’t loads of places to pick from, but your best bet is one of the venues in town just near Southend Central train station, like the Railway Hotel. On this Friday night we went to Cult 13, Skullfuck’s new underground alternative night at Saks where he plays punk, goth, psychobilly, glam, electro and more, plus a live band.
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Cult 13 poster

The upstairs at Saks is a sports bar, so head down the stairs to the underground bar where the real fun happens. I guess we got there a little too early, because at first the only other people in the bar besides the staff were a couple of guys drinking beers. We joked that maybe they were the guys from the band and we were really the only punters so far, and indeed those were the guys who got on stage once the room filled up a bit more. In the meantime the music was awesome! We heard the Cramps, Adam and the Ants, Siouxie Sioux, David Bowie, The Normal, The Adverts, Sisters of Mercy and lots of stuff I hadn’t heard before but liked enough to ask what band it was.


Smoking break

At around 10pm more people showed up and we caught up with old friends and made new ones. Smoking copious cigarettes outside the bar might cause “serious harm to you and other around you” (as it says on the tin) but it sure is fun and sociable!


DJ / promoter Skullfuck

DJ / promoter Skullfuck puts in a lot of effort to keep the scene thriving in Southend, but just getting dressed up and going to a gig to see a band, drink, smoke and hang out with your friends works too!


At the door, free vodka jelly shots


Two-man band Unstoppable Achievers

The Unstoppable Achievers are ex-members of Sex Gang Children and Selfish Cunt, just drums, guitar and vocals with a bit of fuzz and a megaphone thrown in.

Dave and Beki at Cult 13 in Southend

Dave and Beki at Cult 13 in Southend

Cult 13 in Southend

Cult 13 in Southend


Many of these were consumed!

— Miss Psychobilly Bass