King Kurt Reunion Show (5 of the 6 original members!) March 2010

This was a legendary gig and you’re lucky if you were there, it was a GREAT show!
It was March 2010 at The Garage (Highbury Corner, London), five of the six original line-up played together for the first time since 1984! Smeg, Maggot, Thwack, John, and Robert wore shiny one-piece suits for this one-time-only unforgettable reunion! Photos by Richard Collins.

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King Kurt Reunion Show - Smeg, Robert and John

Smeg – vocals/ the green one, Robert – bass/ the blue one, John – guitar/ the red one

King Kurt Reunion Show - Maggot and Smeg

Maggot on sax

King Kurt Reunion Show - Thwack

Thwack on guitar


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