Back on the Beat! …with The Ramonas!

by | 13 Oct, 2021 | Letter From the Editor

After a long pause Voodoo Tattoo Mag is back, just in time to catch the first waves of live music and tattoo events coming back to life all around the globe! We’re not out of the woods just yet, pandemic-wise, so getting to see a live band after more than 18 months of going without seemed especially magical.

Ramonas at 100 Club, London

Most recently I went to see the Ramonas play at the 100 Club in London. They’re a kick-ass UK-based Ramones tribute band, currently on tour right now so check out their tour dates and catch them live in concert wherever you can! You can also follow the Ramonas on Instagram.

Ramonas bass at 100 Club, London

My pics weren’t great so here’s a really awesome live shot of them from January 2020, courtesy of the Ramonas on Facebook.

Ramonas facebook

The ladies have a brand new album called Haphazard scheduled for release in November 2021. That’s right, they’re not just all about Ramones covers! Though if you like the Ramones (and probably also if you like The Donnas) you’ll surely enjoy their original songs too!

Charlie Harper of the UK Subs opened the show with an acoustic set, and closed out the night with the Ramonas backing him up, so we got to see two versions of his 1980 single Warhead in one night! The crowd knew all the words and sang along to the backing vocals, really cool since I love the UK Subs and didn’t even know ahead of time that he would be playing there.

Charlie Harper UK Subs acoustic
Charlie Harper UK Subs with Ramonas

Coming up soon, you’ll get to see some great pics and stories from the Teenage Werewolves show at London’s 100 Club from a few weeks back, and you’ll meet our brand new columnist, San Diego tattooer Jo Atwood! She’ll answer all those tattoo questions that you’ve been sitting on* (*But Were Afraid to Ask). First up, all about cover-up tattoos!

In the coming months we’ll have more coverage of live music, interviews with amazing tattoo artists, and new Q&As about psychobilly life with Dave Deville. You can now follow Voodoo Tattoo Magazine on Instagram. If you have tattoo questions for Jo Atwood, psychobilly questions for Dave Deville, know about a cool band or artist you’d like us to cover, or if you’re interested in writing for Voodoo Tattoo Mag, please do get in touch! Email us at

Until next time!
— Miss Psychobilly Bass

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