Haunted Tattoos – Holloway Road, London, UK

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Tattoo artist Allan Graves believes the shop should represent the artist, so when you step into Haunted Tattoos on Holloway Road in London, UK, you are practically stepping into the mind of Allan Graves, where everything is creepy and colorful and every inch of space is covered with spooky details!

inside Haunted Tattoo Shop

Swinging Frankenstein doors — see if you can spot Allan in this pic!

dracula and chair at Haunted Tattoo Shop

Sit and wait and watch your back

front desk at Haunted Tattoo Shop

The coolest reception desk in town

Allan counts EC Comics (especially Tales from the Crypt!), the Munsters, and vintage Americana among his influences, as well as modern artists like Alan Forbes, Dirty Donny and Mitch O’Connell. He says, “EC Comics created something really unique. They started a trend which continues today, using vibrant colors with lots of black. [Tales from the Crypt illustrator] Graham Ingels’ style was distorted and twisted. He was an alcoholic. Who you are is reflected in your work, so his art reflected that.”

Allan Graves at Haunted Tattoo Shop

Allan Graves at work

Just like our mission at Voodoo Tattoo Magazine, for Allan, music and tattoos go together! “It’s a lifestyle,” he says, “I try to absorb some of the music I listen to.” Allan likes old and new psychobilly bands like Tiger Army, Rezurex and Mad Sin, and is most influenced by horror punk like the Misfits, rockabilly and other 50’s music, citing the cool cars and the nostalgic feeling, but always the dark side. He loves the imagery, “creating a little universe to work in. Album artwork is so vibrant, it’s an easy step from music to tattoos.” And he’s a big fan of Rob Zombie: “Everything he does is so cool!”
Some musicians who Allan has already tattooed include Jimmy from Psychocharger, Fieldy from Korn, Daniel from Rezurex, Stu from Zombie Ghost Train, and of course he would love to tattoo Rob Zombie someday!

tattooing station at Haunted Tattoo Shop

Plenty of places to look while you get tattooed!

Haunted Tattoo is simply one of the coolest shops you’ll ever see! “I work better with all my stuff around me. Having all my little monsters around helps me create better. I flip through comics and watch movies for inspiration when planning a sleeve,” Allan explains.
If you’d like to get tattooed by Allan Graves or one of the other talented artists at Haunted Tattoo, contact the shop and in the meantime, check out their tattoo gallery!
— Miss Psychobilly Bass

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