Ask Dave Deville: What’s a psychobilly wedge?

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Kim Nekroman’s psychobilly wedge

What’s a psychobilly wedge and how did it start?
The psychobilly wedge first appeared in the UK in the early 1980’s. It was basically a taller, graded version of the flat top or “Mac Curtis” hairstyle from the 50’s. This was usually dyed blonde with shaved sides or occasionally short sides sometimes dyed black. If you look at any pictures of early psychobilly bands/fans, that’s the haircut you’ll see the most.

What are the different kinds of psychobilly wedges?
Other variations on the style are the Horseshoe quiff which looks the same from the front and side view, but is shaved out in the middle so resembles a horseshoe shape when viewed from above, the Pompadour, which can be worn with or without sides and back, or the Mohawk style of Quiff.

When did you start wearing your hair like that?
I personally had my first wedge at the age of about 17 when I first discovered psychobilly and since then moved through The Pompadour, Mohican, punk spikes and now back to the pomp with shaved sides.

How do I do that? What products should I use?
You use pretty much the same products for all these styles: a good wax, such as Black & White or Rad Wax, (some people prefer the old-fashioned pomade) and the strongest hair lacquer that you can find.

How long does it last? What should I watch out for, low doorways?
How long it lasts depends on how good your products are and the weather! You’ll also find that bees and wasps are your new best friends, as they seem to love the smell of a good hairstyle. Rumor has it that the dancing that we all know as Wrecking, was accidentally invented by some psychobillies while evading a swarm of particularly ferocious bees that invaded Hammersmith in 1982.

How will I know if I did it right or if I just look stupid?
All you need to know when creating one of the above hairstyles is that the hair should always point upwards (because you’re not a hippie), outwards at the front (because you’re not in The Beatles) and should always be higher at the front than at the back. You’ll know if you’ve got it right because if you haven’t, your friends will quickly point this out and will also probably have uploaded photos of your hair onto Facebook before you’ve had a chance to make it to the safety of your bedroom to correct your mistake.

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