Psychobilly Luau: Brooklyn 2010

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[Written by Stephanie: a review of the 4th Annual Psychobilly Luau in Brooklyn, NYC, brought to you by Rebel Angel Productions. —Miss Psychobilly Bass]
Laura Rebel Angel is the most prolific promoter I’ve known, and her efforts are accomplished without big money or a full-time paid staff backing her up. Her 4th Annual Psychobilly Luau did not disappoint. Two days of bands, booze and vendors at the Bell House in Brooklyn, July 10th and 11th, 2010 was not to be missed if you were lucky enough to be in New York. This year’s event seemed bigger than the ones before it: more vendors, more bands, a larger crowd, and a barbeque with veggie burgers. Fashion designer Melissa Marion was showing her new collection, along with Enz retail clothing. Sarah Antoinette Martin was selling her alien mermaid women fine art prints and cards, along with two witch tits D cup knitted pillows.
Viva Von Story was present, selling her new book Viva’s Pinups, a collection of photographs of sexy pinup ladies, some images just teetering between cute and raunchy. The images aren’t dated, so there is no way for the viewer to tell how long the collection took to shoot. Regardless, there is no doubt that this broad works hard!

One band I made sure to see because they give me such musical erection are the Hypnophonics from Canada. Holy crap, how does one describe brilliance? Can I compare them to any other band to give you an idea of what they sound like? No. Have you ever experienced something so good that instead of enjoying it you are just shocked? If you answered no to my last rhetorical question I would recommend you look them up and get yourself to one of their shows. Stop whining that you live on another continent, that’s no excuse.

Viva's Pinups book cover

The Hypnophonics – It’s Alright

The Memphis Morticians played an amazing set, as always. I’m spoiled and biased; being married to the bassist I get to hear them all the time. It took The Memphis Morticians about ten years, but they have the best lineup they’ve had so far. Right now they are David Bowie during Ziggy Stardust, or The Rolling Stones writing Paint It Black, they are at the highpoint of their creativity. Pete Von Erickson, my amazing husband on bass, Mike Trash jumping around like a 10-year-old on speed screaming like his family is being assaulted, Christopher Crypt-o-Fur, guitarist savant extraordinaire, and Fritz, a.k.a. Frito Bandito, a man so self-disciplined they can set the atomic clock to his drumming. I danced with Greg Von Vranken during their set, Greg twirling me around with one hand while holding his beer in the other.

Later I braved the visual assault of Psycho Charger. In spite of this band being around for years, I was finally able to watch their set at ease at last year’s Psychobilly Luau because they wore grass skirts instead of the creepy tighty whities that they usually sport on stage. If the Misfits sexually assaulted the Surfin Bird, Psycho Charger would be their bastard orphan. I would highly recommend this band, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

If you aren’t careful, Amy von Erie’s voice will leave you with two black eyes and a busted lip.

Amy von Erie was belting it out, with her new band Amy Rose and her Troublemakers. If you aren’t careful, Amy’s voice will leave you with two black eyes and a busted lip. Amy is playing with Jeremy (Snake) on drums. Jeremy is much too nice to have a name like Snake. Someone came up with Garden Snake as an alternate name, it will have to do. Jeremy treated us to his “I’ll drum anything you can put in front of me” routine, my favorite object being the metal folding chair.

I missed Labretta Suadeand the Motel 6, but I spent a few minutes talking to the singer. They are from New Zealand and moved to the US to tour and play out more. Labretta told me there isn’t a lot of opportunity in Australia for bands there. What has New Zealand given us? Crowded House? I think they had the right idea to get out. She may take this the wrong way, but I mean nothing but praise when I say Labretta’s voice sounds like a young Ronnie Dawson on their album.

This is only a small sampling of the many amazing bands that played. If you are visiting New York City be sure to support Rebel Angel Productions, Laura organizes a lot of events, especially in the summer. You’ll thank me later.

—by Stephanie, July 2010

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