Imelda May at Irving Plaza, NYC

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Imelda May ticket Irving Plaza Sept 2014

The Show: Imelda May at Irving Plaza, NYC, 29 September 2014
The Lineup: support from The Bellfuries

[Editor’s note: We normally review shows at smaller venues so I hope that these are the worst/farthest-from-the-stage photos you’ll ever see in Voodoo Tattoo Magazine! — Miss Psychobilly Bass]

Imelda May at Irving Plaza NYC

As expected, Imelda May sounded amazing on stage last night at Irving Plaza in NYC. She’s an Irish singer who’s gaining popularity across the pond thanks to her soulful, jazzy voice and rockabilly revival sound. Apparently it’s a rather mainstream following too, since the rockabillies in attendance were merely sprinkled throughout the crowd of “regular” people like parsley on your dinner plate.

Imelda looked classy and retro in a leopard print dress and perfectly coiffed ‘do, and she exchanged affable banter with the audience in between songs. “This song’s for you, New York!” was met with a rousing cheer, and the reaction to “Are there any Irish in the audience tonight?” would have led you to believe we were at gig just outside Dublin.
Imelda May on stage in NYC

Imelda May on stage NYC in Sept 2014

More interaction with the audience came in the form of a fun call and response in the B section of her hit, “It’s Good To Be Alive”.
In her encore she treated the audience to silky sweet versions of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” and Blondie’s “Dreaming” accompanied by just guitar, before bringing the whole band back onstage to close out with one more high-energy number.
Imelda May on stage NYC
Her band included all top-notch musicians playing upright bass, guitar, sax, and a skilled drummer who switched up his use of sticks and hotrods between songs. All in all a fun and satisfying show for everyone!
Imelda May's band in NYC

Check out Imelda May’s official website to find out more and see a list of upcoming tour dates. Here’s a video that both pop and rockabilly fans can appreciate!
— Miss Psychobilly Bass

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