Midnite Monster Hop – Lux Lives! Cramps-Inspired Art Auction in NYC

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Next week, February 4th, marks the 5-year anniversary of the death of Lux Interior, the unforgettable Cramps frontman, “the hottest thing from the North to come out of the South”!

NYC’s monthly rock & roll horror show, the Midnite Monster Hop, is hosting a Lux Interior memorial show so spectacular that Lux’s ghost is sure to be hovering in its midst in the tightest black leather pants and highest heels a phantom can squeeze into!

This Saturday, January 25, 2014 at Otto’s Shrunken Head, see NYC psychobillies The Spastiks and L.A.’s The Burning Ritual at the Midnite Monster Hop, and check out this amazing Cramps-inspired art collection in person!
[UPDATE: due to the snowy weather in NYC, The Burning Ritual can’t make it to the show, but The Evil Streaks from Boston, MA have been added to the bill!]


Midnight Monster Hop flyer for January 25, 2014

Best of all, it’s all available for you to own! Bidding started on the first day of January 2014, and goes on until 11:59PM on the day of the show, just before The Burning Ritual’s set. Bids start at $13.13, and you can bid by messaging the Midnite Monster Hop page directly on their facebook page. You don’t have to be there in person to win the piece you want — just bid by writing to them and if you win, they’ll contact you to arrange shipping costs. Of course if you’re lucky enough to be there you get to take it home with you and sleep with it in your arms that night! All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society in Lux Interior’s name.


“Lux Lives” by J E Davis

These are just a few pieces that are available, check out the whole lot of Cramps-inspired art!


“A Cornucopia of Sex and Horror” by Baz Shailes

And now for the Midnite Monster Hop interview with the Mighty Moloch!:

Voodoo Tattoo Magazine: How did the idea for an auction of Lux-inspired art get started?
Midnite Monster Hop: We were honored to be asked to host the NYC Lux Lives event by Kogar, the Swingin Ape, who is the brains behind the international collection of Lux Lives events happening all over the planet.
Putting on a Cramps-inspired night is actually a no-brainer for us, the Midnite Monster Hop has been dj’ing & booking psychobilly, garage/trash, and rockabilly bands in the vein of the Cramps at Otto’s Shrunken Head, the last Saturday of every month, since 2003. So it’s pretty much been a celebration of all things Cramps since the beginning.


Rare image of Lux Interior live on stage, original 1979 print from Tama Bru, donated by Kogar Theswingingape

MMH: The art auction concept came about by being inspired by Howie Pyro’s recent mega Cramps art gallery exhibit in Los Angeles, and always wanting to revisit the concept of a horror/rock’n’roll art exhibit like we put on about ten years ago called, A Midsummer Night’s Scream, at the Asterisk art space in Bushwick.


“Psychedelic Jungle” acrylic on watercolor board, framed by Johnny Giancone

VTM: Which are your favorite pieces, or one that you’re especially proud to have in the collection?
MMH: The artwork that is being auctioned off this weekend does not come from my personal collection. I reached out publicly and to friends, asking for Lux-inspired artwork for this very purpose. Most artists created work specifically for the event, but some had pieces that already fit the bill. We’re proud to say that our auction features artwork from around the world!


“Zombie Lux”, one of a kind bust created by Shane Morton

VTM: How did you choose the Best Friends Animal Society as the charity to receive the proceeds from the auction?
MMH: The reason that all money raised is going to the Best Friends Animal Society is actually an aspect of all the Lux Lives events Kogar organizes. I believe it [was] due to a request from Poison Ivy not to send her money, but to support their favorite charity, and to make all payments in Lux Interior’s name.

MMH: As far as the the Midnite Monster Hop, it’s important for us to rage against what NYC has become in the last decade or more; to do our best to keep our home weird, personal, and special. We’re really enjoying Phantom Creep Radio broadcasting live from our event. We’ve produced a 2014 Midnite Monster Hop calendar that will be on sale this weekend at our Lux Lives event; it looks great and we hope everyone picks one up! Remember, the Midnite Monster Hop is the last Saturday of the month at Otto’s Shrunken Head, so stick out your can!


“Original Fin / The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon” by Karel Mato, owner of The Electric Church Tattoo Parlour

See more pics below, and help support the NYC psychobilly scene by going to show this Saturday or another Midnite Monster Hop, there’s one every month! Check out the line-up for each month’s Midnite Monster Hop on their page or right here on the Voodoo Tattoo Magazine events calendar!
–Miss Psychobilly Bass


Lux Interior portrait by Jason Mckown


Handcrafted one-of-a-kind “Stay Sick, Turn Blue” belt by Derek Atkinson


Cramps-inspired art by Sara Antoinette Martin


“For the Love of Ivy”, by Ťïm Gagñe of The Spastiks


“Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon” by Abbybelle


“Green Door” by Ťïm Gagñe of The Spastiks



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